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My doctor just scheduled my hysterectomy for August 6th -- which is a little over a week from now! Eeek!

Ahem. I'm 24, have severe endometriosis (it grows into my bowels and other parts, lovely) and have had a lap and D&C before... instead of another lap, the doctor okayed a hyst. My endo apparently doesn't respond well to darn near any treatment, and I have a family history of endo and other immune/thyroid/medical problems. So out it goes!

I've already prepared myself for it emotionally -- never really wanted kids, still don't, like the idea of adopting if I ever want kids -- since I've been in pain since I was, oh, 12, and started daydreaming about a hysterectomy back then. But it's so sudden, in terms of planning and stuff! Eeek! My recovery from my lap was horrible.

My question for those who have been there:

What are the most important preparations to make? Comfort items? I bought a big microfiber bathrobe and I eat gluten-free anyway, but are those "swelly belly" bands worth buying? I'm having a laparoscopic hysterectomy -- but the LSH kind. (My doctor is big into vaginal floor support. But both ovaries are going; I insisted.)

It seems like a lot of us are having these young, so I don't feel particularly odd emotionally... but I'm in sort of low-grade-panic "WHAT DO I NEED TO DO BEFOREHAND?" mode right now.
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