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I am new to this community.  I was refered by someone in the womenhealth  community, so I just cross posted what I'd had there.

I honestly, just don't know where else to turn.  I am 24 years old, I'll be 25 in April.  I've been married for 3 years in May.  When I was 14 years old, almost 15 I had an ovarian cyst on each ovary, about softball size, I had emergency surgery to remove my right ovary because the cyst caused it to "twist" and basically killed my ovary, they had to remove my ovary and tube.  It started lapriscopically but they ended up having to cut me open, from navel to pubic line in a 'zipper cut'.  This surgery was more or less a hack job at the local childrens hosptial.  That doctor then referred me to an adolesent gynecologist.  I started birthcontrol and other various hormone treatments, my periods were so heavy and painful that I missed school and was basically bed ridden for my cycle, I was on Lortab the cramps were so bad.  This went on for about two years, finally on my 16th birthday, my doctor decided to do a lapriscopic surgery to basically treat what he thought was endometriosis and he was just going to do a quick, routine DNC.  Well, the quick surgery became an 8 hour ordeal.  There was so much scar tissue from my previous surgery he had to do 8 hours worth of surgery to just 'clean up'.  He told me then that he thought my right tube was still basically covered up with scar tissue and in order for me to have children, I'd have to have another surgery. 

I've had various problems off and on since then.  I still have very heavy/painful periods.  I've tried every birthcontrol known to man, I've done depo, the patch, desogen, low ogestral, ortho tri cyclen lo, just to name a few.  The depo did the best, until I started getting migraines, most birthcontrol gives me migraines.  

About a month ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to start trying to conceive, I stopped my b/c, my migraines went away, and we tried to conceive.  About 3 weeks off of the pills I started getting this horrible sharp pain on my left lower quadrant.  The doctor did a pap and gatherd other samples and found that I had some infection (mainly ureaplasma) which I have had in the past, so he put me in the hosptial and gave me IV antibiotcs.  I got better for a few days and it was back.  We tried oral antibiotics, it never went away.  So he readmitted me to the hosptial.  I stayed in a week this time doing an entire round of four or five antibiotics.  I got better, it came back with in 2 days.  He tried oral antibiotics again, flagyl, clindmycin 450mg 4 times a day.  It didn't go away.  

I am very overweight.  My doctor says he's "scared" to do surgery on me because of my weight, he says they'd have to invert the table and it would put pressure on my heart and lungs.  He's also worried it will become another long surgery based on how my last one went, he's worried that they'd have to cut me open again.  He advised us that it would not be good for me to try and get pregnant now either because of the weight.  I've been talking off and on with him over the past week about the possibility of doing surgery, he's concluded that there is either one of 2 things wrong, there is infection deep embedded in the adhesions from my previous surgeries, or, there is damage to my falopian tube.  If the latter is the cause of my pain, he said I could possibly lose my tube and or ovary.  If they could save the ovary, then there would be a possibility of being able to do invitro later on.  Then he said the worse thing I have ever heard in my life, but you should think about the possibility of a hysterectomy.  

I am 24 years old, I have been wanting to be a mother for so long, My body has been screaming at me that I want a baby for months now, and now, as soon as we decided to start trying, I'm faced with the possibility of it all being taken away.  So here's my question(s).  Where can I go for support?  Does anyone know anyone who has had to have a hysterectomy so young? Are there any groups online?  I'm going insane.  I'm so scared, and I'm TERRIFIED of a hysterectomy.  I'm so depressed now, I'm worried I wont be able to handle if I do actually have to have one.  I feel like, if I could just talk to someone that's been through this, if I could just, know I'm not the only person in the world that is going through this, maybe I wont go completely off the deep end.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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