dancingleaf (dancingleaf) wrote in hysterectomies,


I'm nearly 2 years post hysterectomy.  Still have both ovaries.

How do I know if I'm having hot flashes or if it's just a wonky air conditioner?
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how old are you?
in her profile. she said she is 39.
40, now. :)

I love saying that! 40 is awesome.
One clue is if you're having to turn on and off the air conditioner every 5 minutes or so. Also, if you're continously changing clothes, from shorts into long pants, or from Tshirt to a sweater. Does this sound like what you're going through now?
No- I feel fine now. I think it was just my air conditioner. Because now it is getting close to winter & I'm freezing all the d@mn time.