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Just looking for some information.

Hey y'all.

I'm not here for any seriously serious reasons, like, to get a surgery or anything. I guess my whole reason for being here is plain interest. I have a friend that's female and 21 and naturally transgendered, to the point she goes by a male name (Matt), considers herself male, and is referred to as male by all of her friends. This doesn't bother me or any of his friends, but he wants to get the surgery some day, and I've always thought about it as a general concept more than anything.

Physically I'm quite young (still a teenager, so, probably the youngest here), and I'm biologically female, so I'm not looking into anything like this anytime soon but I always considered it for the fact I feel more male than female, never want kids, hate periods, and generally don't like being in a female body and thing I'd prefer a male one. People even refer me to both genders at times because I just don't care. I can't quite explain it, but yeah, I'm just looking at the possibility some day.

I found this community just because I was curious to see if there was anything about it on LJ, and what do you know, there is. So, here I am.

Basically, I just want to know what it's like; stories, opinions, viewpoints, anything. Does it hurt? What's the surgery like? I read some of the comments about recovery and things, it doesn't seem near as bad as I first thought.

The thought kinda makes me nervous, for reasons I'm sure are understandable, but at the same time it makes sense and there's no way I'm judging anyone for it. So feel free to tell me whatever, I'm here to listen and hopefully learn. 

Edit: oops-- I realize I'm in /kind of/ the wrong place, for trasngender stuff at least. Still, thanks for replying and stuff anyway guys. Ignore my stupidity. =P
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