saintscribble (saintscribble) wrote in hysterectomies,

Cervical woe

I've just been informed that my cervical dysplasia is being a jerk and not clearing up after Cryotherapy and a LEEP. In fact, it's worse. Bugger.

My doctors are awesome though, and we've decided to be as agressive as we can with this shit, since everything we've done so far just seems to have pissed it off. We've scheduled another LEEP because it's just spread to the opening by the cervix, and it's gotten deeper into the cervix itself, and if this doesn't help, I've told them that I'm down for a hysterectomy if need be. I'm 30, and wasn't really planning to have kids anyway (unrelated crazy genetic issues that I keep finding out about that I couldn't DREAM of dooming a kid to) but I'm curious to any of you who've gotten a hysterectomy, how did you deal with it?
I go in today for another checkup to see what's up, and I plan to ask her more, but should I go that route, I'd really like some input from those who've had it done.

Thank you!
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