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Its Brittney Bitch <3


im not sure how active this comm is but i figured id try and get some advice. im 22 years old, and since the very first cycle of my period it has been hell. i have not been clinically diagnosed with anything but every doctor has told me my symptoms show I have PCOS. The thing is ive never had a cyst or anything really serious minus the pain. Its so weird.

At the very moment I have had my period for 4 months. Heavy. Last year I had it from Oct to July heavy. I was anemic. I had to be in the hospital for 3 days because I was hemmoraging. And not one single doctor can tell me what is wrong. I have had so many tests. So many issues. And it is painful. It feels like 7 months of someone punching me in the abdomen and its caused my life to be full of embarrasment and stress due to bleeding so much all the time.

Not to mention the hormones.

Since none of the doctors can tell me what the hell it is, i am seriously considering a hysterectomy. Can anyone tell me the answer to these questions?

1. I have read in some places that you will gain weight but other places say you will lose it. which is it?

2. Do you lose your sex drive completely?

3. And what kind of hormone treatments do they put you on?

See the main symptoms I have are that i guess I produce mere traces of estrogen. So my body doesn't ovulate for months. and all of a sudden it does for 8+ months. I produce more testosterone. I also have a lot of facial hair, dark patches on my arm pits, elbows, and inner thighs. I have an impossible time with depression. And i have always been obese, and can never seem to lose weight even when i legit try my hardest.

Ive been tested for diabetes and all the thyroid stuff. NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME> HELLLLP!
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