yvettel (yvettel) wrote in hysterectomies,

literature for the older crowd?

My mom is 60 and had a complete hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. She had already gone through menopause so shes not having any problems there. However shes wanting literature on women her age that have had this procedure. Shes only found books for younger women and she is getting discouraged reading about early menopause etc etc since its not affecting her.

Does anyone have any suggestions on books, magazines or websites for older women that have had hysterectomies?

Thank you
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It's been awhile since I had mine, and I was young when I had it so I really don't know how much it had in it for post-menopausal women, but I remember feeling that The Woman's Guide to Hysterectomy by Haas and Puretz was a great, unbiased look at what to expect before and after a hysterectomy.

Has she looked at Hystersisters.com?
I also want to say it's really great of you to come here and look for advice for her!
I'd probably stay away from the forums at http://www.hystersisters.com/

it was next to useless for me.

I found it to be mostly women who were reluctant to have their hysterectomies (and wanted more children) - which is fine but...not my situation or your mother's.

and women who were having post surgical complaints (also not my situation & hopefully not your mother either)

But some of the actual articles might be helpful to her....
There is a lot of information on the HERS Foundation website at www.hersfoundation.org. There is a new book, THE H WORD, that is everything women want to know about the aftereffects of hysterectomy.